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When is PINEA a product in the market?

The first generation of PINEA luminaires will be in the market in the fourth quarter of 2018. Based on the specifications described on this website, existing prototype is now being developed further into a product that will be available to the mass market.

What is PINEA?

The brand PINEA represents a new solution within the field Human Centric Lighting. Initiated by the Norwegian company Luminator AS, PINEA is the result of a cooperation between Luminator, Imperial the Lighting Factory in Poland and individual experts from both University in Oslo (UiO), and University College of Southeast Norway (HSN). PINEA makes it possible […]

Continuation of effect studies

The University of Oslo (UiO) has been conducting experiments showing effects from PINEA. UiO is now setting up a research project for documentation of effects from long term exposure from biological effective lighting. The University will use PINEA luminaires to secure the lighting environment in the experiment groups and use ordinary LED luminaires in the […]

PINEA was launched at the fair “Light+Building”

Introducing the principle of PINEA at the fair Light+Building was an important milestone for Luminator and Imperial. Towards the fair, the companies had collaborated on the Project. Although PINEA at this time was a prototype, there was considerable interest in the new solution. Valuable feedback is included in the further development of the product.