What is PINEA?

The brand PINEA represents a new solution within the field Human Centric Lighting. Initiated by the Norwegian company Luminator AS, PINEA is the result of a cooperation between Luminator, Imperial the Lighting Factory in Poland and individual experts from both University in Oslo (UiO), and University College of Southeast Norway (HSN).

PINEA makes it possible to capture important qualities from daylight and integrate it into artificial indoor lighting. Natural biological effects can be addressed without changing the lighting in the room or increasing energy consumption. Lighting design is an integrated totality regarding the visual interaction with architecture. It is now possible to provide the quality of the lighting for multiple purposes simultaneously without compromising the other factors:

–              visual needs for tasks, accessibility and safety (functional)

–              provide a basis for experiences, inspiration and atmospheres (psychological)

–              stabilization of the users’ circadian rhythm (biological)

PINEA is developed to be an integrated part of a lighting design.

Lighting affects people in many ways. We are spending approximately 90% of the day indoors. The biological influence from electrical lighting for stabilizing circadian rhythm has become increasingly important. This is enhanced by the fact that surfaces reflecting daylight from windows in the viewing direction are greatly reduced in open office landscapes. Many suffer from sleep deprivation with following consequences for health, alertness, and concentration.

PINEA has got its name from the royal gland or glandula pinealis, which produces the melatonin sleep hormone on signals from the brain’s center of circadian rhythm and biological clock.

PINEA makes it possible for the first time to distinguish between psychological and biological influence from lighting.