Product specifications

Fig 1: Illustration from planning of the pilot installation at Ipark Eiendom AS                                  Fig 2: Illustration of direction

Functional requirements

  • The luminaire fulfils visual quality requirements for lighting according to NS-EN 12464-1.
  • Long-term use of the PINEA luminaire will help stabilize circadian rhythm. Change of spectral distribution in the light to ensure transition to day and evening occurs automatically at fixed times. Exposure within the biologically effective part of the spectrum is within very safe limits.
  • Change in spectral distribution occurs without changes in light level or notable changes in colour temperatures or colour rendering indeks, (Ra), in the room. The lighting is familiar and comfy.
  • It is possible to dim the luminaire without changing the colour temperature.
  • The luminaire is energy efficient in line with the best on the market.
  • The solution available is a good and flexible tool for lighting designers.

Technical specifications

  • Lighting requirements that are met:
    • Average lux level between 300 and 500 lux
    • Uniformity: 0.6 in the specified work area
    • Ra: 80 or 90
    • UGR: 19 or better
    • Colour temperature 3000 Kelvin or 4000 Kelvin
  • Light sources: LED
  • The luminaire delivers directed light in the biologically effective area with wavelengths between 460-480 nm. That means light directed at eye level in relevant work areas – with an exposure intensity below 33 % of biologically effective spectral distribution in the sky light on a normal day around April 1 in Oslo. (Fig. 2)

Fig. 3: Spectral distribution in the sky light, measured 29th of August at 3:40 AM at Skjetten in Norway.

Fig. 4: Spectral distribution in an ordinary luminaire, 4000 Kelvin.

Fig. 5: Compared with the spectral distribution in an PINEA luminaire in the actual area, with 4000 Kelvin in the room.

  • The luminaire has only one address for an ordinary control system. In addition, there is an autonomous internal control unit that controls biological effective light, colour temperature and times of biological exposure. The internal control unit secure 100 % flicker free light from the main biological effective light sources.

The PINEA components are in process for obtaining a Nemko approval.